Roger does not teach just one method, he gives students grounding in the fundamentals then develops their shooting ability according to the goals desires and experience of the shooter. He does not just work on the mechanics of hitting a target although that is critical and what most shooters want at first. However, Roger also brings other aspects of the game to the lesson.

First off, he has set targets in Europe and the US and can teach students to understand what the target setter wanted them to see and to see what they really need to see to hit the target.

Secondly, he works with shooters on physical, on mental exercises and diet in the run up to shoots and on the day.

He uses innovative software technology to ensure that a student is in the best mental state to shoot – either for fun or at the highest levels of competition. This technique, referred to as coherence, makes sure that all aspects the body are working with each other. The techniques Roger teaches make certain, for example, that the brain does not generate hormones that cause the heart and breathing rates to rise.

His use of ‘coherence’ also has utility elsewhere – for example in business situations.  A Master Class shooter found during a difficult business meeting, he could use the coherence technique to sharpen his mental condition, and calm the stress of the meeting to achieve a win-win result.

There is an old rubric you cannot hit what you cannot see and Roger will give the shooter an understanding of how to use their eyes, and exercises to improve their ability to pick up and track the clay, or bird.