Roger is not a rip and replace coach, he works with his students to enhance their natural style. He teaches three basic methods of shooting based on the background of the student. With a new client, Roger will assess the shooter’s technique and goals and discuss a lesson plan. Issues with health, eye dominance, equipment, gun fit and physical conditioning are addressed at the first session. With beginners who may be tentative, or recoil sensitive, Roger has many techniques to ensure their success and build their confidence.  With more experienced shooters, Roger will stretch their levels of achievement and confidence by building on their current skills and challenging them with increasingly difficult targets. If the shooter wishes to progress he will teach additonal techniques, and when to use them.

When a shooter is having difficulty with a target, Roger does not give a solution, instead he works the student through the problem with a series of questions so that the student is able to find their own solutions.  An instructor can say "take the target sooner", or "give it this amount of lead", but Roger coaches the shooter so they have the tools to do it when Roger is not there.

He is the only British Clay Pigeon Shooting Association Certified coach permanently resident in the USA, he is an associate member of the Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors, as well as a Life Member of both the National Sporting Clays Assocation and the National Rifle Assocation