$hoot for the Money

          The Gun Club's Guide to Fund Raisers


Sporting Clays Tips Based on over 30 years of coaching experience, the author presents over 150 tried and tested tips, ideas and suggestions guaranteed to improve your scores.  This collection of tips and hints will help shooters of any level from beginner to Master class competitor. There are tips on all aspects of shotgun shooting - from choice of equipment, physical conditioning, “reading” the clay’s flight, choosing a technique, approaches to specific targets, how to improve, how to handle a slump or a plateau, and how to handle competitions.  Not everyone wants to shoot at the highest competition, but most shooters know how they scored even if they say they do not keep score. These tips will improve your game, and, more importantly, your enjoyment of the game of clay shooting.


In addition to being a first-rate coaching book, this work is also designed to function as a reference manual in which you can “quick reference” a specific shooting problem as you experience them.  So, you can read the book cover to cover or search for a specific topic or subject.



This eBook is now available on Amazon.com in the Kindle store.   Don’t have a Kindle?  Free software is available at the Kindle store which will enable you to download this, and other Kindle books, to your PC, Mac, Ipad, IPod, IPhone, Android and Blackberry. Before you buy you can download pages to review.





$hoot for the Money Clay Shooting Tournaments offer a unique departure from the more traditional fund raising approaches such as golf tournaments, banquets, etc.  They have wide appeal far beyond the shooting community.


This book is a comprehensive guide for non-profit organizations on running a fund raising shoot..  The book contains an overview of clay shooting including safety and environmental considerations, the revenue potential to expect, and a detailed process for designing and  planning the event including the size and type of event, the logistics, team management, scoring and common mistakes.  The final section outlines the exact responsibilities of each team member.  All the forms, checklists, and contracts listed in the book are available in Word format for modification and use to purchasers of the book.


 The Gun Club’s Guide to Fund Raisers covers how a gun club gets into this business of running charity shoots and why it should.  Over a 5 year period, the author and her husband hosted over 100 fund raisers ranging from 50 to over 400 participants.  Each year over $500,000 was raised for non-profit organizations and resulted in many new shooters and lots of positive, free publicity for the author’s shooting club.


This book details the steps a gun club must take to develop a thriving, profitable charity shoot business.  The book covers pitfalls to avoid, business processes such as contracts, waivers, and provision of services checklists and sample forms, common client concerns and how to address them, marketing - including several ideas for finding business, requirements of the client organization, club preparation for the event, and club responsibilities on the day.